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An anise-based liquor made in France.

A liqueur produced by the infusion of Witch Elder (Elderberry) bush. It can be flavored with sweet anise and now can be found in different varieties. It is similar to Anisette but has a higher alcoholic level and is less sugary. More information is available here.

A liqueur flavored with anise seed, giving a licorice flavour. It is a sweeter version of Anis.

Pacharán is a popular liquor from Navarra made up with anisette and berries.

[YAH-ger-mice-ter] is a Germam licorice liquer (very high proof level). A complex blend of herbs, fruits and spices.  Jaegermeister translates to "hunt master".

Pastis which means mixture, is a licorice flavored cordial imported from France.   Pastis has fewer flavoring elements than  Pernod and is a more straightforward drink. Pastis is a member of a large group of spirits in which anise is the dominant flavor. This group includes Pastis, from France (there are a few Italian Pastis) , Ouzo from Greece, Sambuca in Italy, and Arrack (with various spellings) in the middle east.  Pastis is the direct descendant of the infamous absinthe.


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