Hard Licorice

Licorice Anise

Licorice anise is an old acquaintance in Dutch drug stores, The small tubes are well known for their exclusive anise taste. (medium firm and sweet).


Licorice flavored filling in a hard candy shell.

Haribo® Bico's

Haribo Bico's are licorice sticks and wounded with sweet red licorice. They are hard and sweet.

Saila Licorice Mints

Refreshing, hard-to-find mints imported from Italy. Pfizer (who now owns Warner-Lambert).

Licorice Tubes

They are about 3 to 4 inches long with a tubular shape like a pencil. The ends were kind of pinched off with a slight indentation near both ends. The licorice was more on the hard side but not so hard you had difficulty chewing it as some licorices can be. It was a bit salty similar to Kookaburra licorice.

Anise Squares

Anise squares are a licorice tasting hard candy.


Helps were sold as a throat 'pastille' which were small squares similar to Sen Sen (but fatter) and not as pungent. One of our community said that Helps were strong licorice / menthol tiny hard candies that came in a small tin box. To his knowledge they stopped making them in the 70's. He has found similar licorice one is called Potter's Linia made in Holland.

Pinwheel Hard Candy

Delicious licorice-flavored pin wheel hard candy mints. Starlights Mints, Licorice and Licorice Balls.


Delicious licorice-flavored pin wheel hard candy mints. Also called Licorice Starlights Mints


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