North American

Allen's Licorice

Allen's Gourmet Black Licorice! It is 100% natural and it is wheat free and gluten free. Ingredients: Molasses, organic brown rice flour, aniseed oil, licorice root extract.

Amish Old Fashion Licorice

Amish Country Licorice Candy or Amish Farms Old Fashion Licorice. Distributed by Adams Dist., Lisbon, Ohio 44432. 800-655-9328.  We have no further information.

Anise Bears

Anise Bears sanded with sugar these candies are soft and chewy.

Anise Creams

The company that made the anise-flavored candy called Ben-Hurs is out of business we understand. These gray, anise-flavored mint are similar to the old Ben Hurs with a nostalgic favorite since the 50's

Anise Squares

Anise squares are a licorice tasting hard candy.

Apricot Liquorice Logs

Classic Black Licorice envelopes a delicate center of soft apricot candy. These 2 flavors are wonderful together. Here the licorice flavor dominates.

Australian Licorice

Kookaburra Small Sticks, Kookaburra (kookabura) Bites, and Allsorts. Available in Red (strawberry) or Black.

Black & White

A selection of black & white licorice pieces, including licorice drops, nonpareil jellies and soft-panned licorice balls. A classic licorice bridge mix.

Black Jack Gum

Old Fashioned Blackjack Gum. We understand that Beemans, Adams and some division of Warner-Lambert Co. Morris Plains, NJ 07950 USA. Adams (Warner Lambert) now owned by Pfizer Pharmaceutical. The last run was in Oct. of 1998. They made it for many years once a year in the Fall. Rumor has it that a company rep. at the All Candy Expo in Chicago and said that there are currently no plans in their production schedule to make it anytime soon.

Black Jack Taffy Licorice

A penny candy alongside of Mary Janes and Squirrels. They were round to oval and had swirl or black and white licorice. They came in black, white, and pink and where individually  wrapped.

Black Licorice Bites

Small bite sized pieces of licorice bursting with licorice flavor. A great fat free candy snack.

Black Licorice Creme Filled Sticks -- Konfect staven

Licorice tube filled with a cream filling.  These creme filled licorice tubes are an old fashioned kind of licorice and the 4 inch tubes are filled with vanilla, lemon, strawberry or orange. A delight!

Black Licorice Crows

Black Crows, a classic.

Black Licorice Laces

Thin licorice strands just like shoe laces.

Black Licorice Ropes

Black Licorice Ropes / Black Licorice Ropes -- Veterdrop These ropes were commonly be found in candy stores. There are easy to chew with a strong, spicy flavor, and after taste.

Brachs Twisters

Brachs® Twisted ropes of licorice about 8 inches long. Twizzlers® are made by Hershey's®

Braided Licorice Rope

Looking for three licorice ropes about 1 inch wide by about 2 1/2 inches long. The outside ropes were twisted the single inside rope had straight lines. One could tear off the ropes from one another. They were black licorice with a strong flavor and likely with a high salt content.

Bridge Mix Licorice

Licorice Bridge Mixture is several licorice tastes and shapes together in this high quality mix. It includes little pink and white, and black and white sandwiches or squares about 3/4 square and 1/2 thick and other licorice in round shapes. Made by Herman Geolitz Candy Company Inc.

Broadway Licorice Rolls

Red licorice by the brand name of Broadway also known as Delfa Red Rolls or Hollywood Licoirce. The licorice roll-ups came only in red. Each pack was about the size of a regular-sized tootsie roll, and contained about 5 thin strips of licorice.

Chateau d'Lanz

Black licorice buttons from a swiss recipe that make long-lasting licorice buttons with no animal products or gluten.

Chocolate Licorice

Chocolate Licorice comes in twists, Chocolate filled tubes and in lentils (sort of M&M® sized bites) and crispy candy shells of Licorice flavor are wrapped around delicious milk chocolate centers.from Jelly Belly® called Licorice JBz®.

Chuckles Licorice

Best defined as Licorice Softies or Licorice Softees

Coal Candy

They look like tiny lumps of coal similar to The Original Bituminous Candy that the Dairy Maid Confectionery Co. made. It came in a 5 X 8 box and contained a block of licorice about that size (14 oz.). It even came with it's own little pewter hammer to break off bite size pieces of coal.


Incredible licorice taste sensations available in 3 flavors: Orange, Strawberry, and Watermelon.

Deglycyrrhizinated Licorice (DGL) Juice Stick

Looking for a herbal use of licorice / liquorice for long term use for stomach ulcers.

Deglycyrrhizinated Licorice DGL

Chewable licorice tablets. Natural Licorice contains glycyrrhizin. Aslo available with the glycyrrhizin removed -- Deglycyrrinizated Licorice (DGL). Other names Licorice Root Capsules, Licorice Capsules, DGL Tablets, DGL Capsules.

Drops Druppels -- Honey Drops

Soft teardrop shapes with a hint of honey and a bold taste. A very satisfying, moderately sweet candy that's hard to resist.

Egyptian Licorice Tea

Features licorice root, cinnamon, and orange peel all certified organic ingredients and caffeine-free.

Filled Raspberry Sours

Try this expolsion of ripe raspberry taste, followed by the taste of a creamy filling sweet yet sour.

Flavored (Colored) Licorice Sticks

Many flavors exist!

Flavoring (Licorice)

Professional strength flavorings and essential oils for the home kitchens.

Fruit Licorice

Soft licorice in raspberry, black cherry and lemon.

Glitter Crunch Licorice

Licorice glitter crunch wrapped individually - what a unique taste for licorice. It is glitter crunch mixed into licorice.

Gluten, Sugar & Lactose Free

It is 100% natural and it is wheat free licorice (gluten free licorice). Ingredients like: Molasses, organic brown rice flour, aniseed oil, licorice root extract. The Amazon link is organic and made with agar.

Good & Plenty®

Delicate licorice stubs coated in sweet candy of pastel colors! Made by Goelitz® or Good & Plenty®. Also a Dutch version which are coloured licorice that has a sweet shell around a licorice stick inside. They're small but exquisite with a character full of mischief!

Green, Mint Flavored Licorice. Groentjes

Classic Black Licorice surrounds a sweet, minty confection.

Haribo® Licorice Wheels (In Red or Black)

About 1 1/4 around and they are like licorice ropers rolled up into a wheel type shape.

Heide® Licorice

A diamond shape with a licorice/mint type flavor.


Helps were sold as a throat 'pastille' which were small squares similar to Sen Sen (but fatter) and not as pungent. One of our community said that Helps were strong licorice / menthol tiny hard candies that came in a small tin box. To his knowledge they stopped making them in the 70's. He has found similar licorice one is called Potter's Linia made in Holland.

Hint Mint -- Licorice Mints

These powerful licorice mints come in a clever, slightly curved black tin that fits perfectly in your back pocket.

Honey Tops

Taste the Honey in these firm, melt-in-your-mouth sweet licorice candies with a touch of salt to enhance taste. Beehive Honey Licorice and Honey Licorice Bears (14% honey) at Licorice International.

Kosher Licorice

The product description on these Amazon items describe their kosher status:

Let's Do Organic Licorice

Organic and gluten free with no gelatin so it is vegan. USDA Organic.

Licorice Allsorts (also known internationally as English Licorice, Allsort, All Sorts)

An assortment of black licorice cuts, straws, sandwiches and buttons. Typically imported from England by Wilkinson, Bassett's, Pascal.

Licorice Babies

Small doll shaped black licorice. In Finland they are called Schwarze Kinder.

Licorice Bears

Tasty bear shaped black licorice bites.

Licorice Buttons & Coins, Muntdrops

They are about 3/4 of an inch round and rather plump (like the letter D on its side). They were moderately soft and chewy. The other type are may be referred to as Dutch licorice coins. They are flatter and harder. The closest thing you will find to Heide flavor licorice.

Licorice Cats - Katjes or Limburgse Katjes, Katjesdrop

Licorice shaped like cats.

Licorice Cones
(liquid filled)

The liquid was black and licorice-flavored

Licorice Cream Rocks

They are black and 1 long , filled with a colored ( yellow, white, green) cream like candy.

Licorice Diamonds

Looking for licorice dimonds ( 1/4 square) with a licorice/menthol flavor

Licorice Drops

Here is Holland's most popular Licorice, with deep, rich flavor, not overly sweet.

Licorice Extract - Liquorice Extract

Small consumer quantities please see the retailers below.

Licorice Graffity

Graffitydrop is a Danish mix favorite.

Licorice Hats & Mexican Hats

Soft, chewy and sweet, with a hint of salt to enhance flavor. Hats off to one of Holland's most popular Licorices.

Licorice Ice Cream

Black licorice flavored ice cream.  There aren't many places making Ice Cream but you could try your own with the recipes here:

Licorice Jawbreakers

Black licorice jaw breakers

Licorice Jelly Beans & Sugar Free Jellybeans & Wallabeans

Many Brands including Jelly Belly®

Licorice Money

Black licorice coins not made for any piggy bank! Imported from Holland. For licorice Blue Jean coins or licorice shaped like strawberries please click on Licorice International below.

Licorice Piglets

An old-fashioned recipe and approcess  that renders these little Licorice Piglets to be wonderfully delicious.

Licorice Pipes (Black)

Authentic old fashioned pipes including makers like leaf.

Licorice Pipes (Red)

Hella Red Licorice & La Pipette brand

Licorice Plant Seeds -- Liquorice Seeds -- Licorice Seeds

Interested in growing some plants? Glycyrrhiza Uralensis, Glycyrrhiza Echinata, Glycyrrhiza lepidota, Glycyrrhiza Echinata

Licorice Plugs

Real Old Fashioned licorice plugs. The kind that was available in the forties and fifties. They were about 1 1/2 inches by 3 inches long, and about 1/4 inches thick. They came in a white box containing 12 or so plugs probably with waxed paper between each layer.

Licorice Powder - Zwart Wit Zout & Zwart Wit Zoet

These are types of licorice powder. Also known as salmiakpalen and salmiak poeder. For example Zwart Wit Zout is salty licorice powder and Zwart Wit Zoet is sweet licorice powder. As avalvilable below Zwart Wit Rondos & Zwart Wit Kogels

Licorice Root Sticks or Zoet Hout or Licorice Sticks

Small quantity (consumer) amounts of licorice in raw form. Sold by the ounce or gram.

Licorice Scotties

Delicious Licorice Scottish Terriers in 2 fabulous licorice (red or black) flavors. A traditional chewy American favorite.

Licorice Snaps

Licorice Snaps are a hollow candy, coated with pastel colors. Snaps are about 3/4's of an inch lng and a little bigger around than a pencil. They are made out of black licorice and were a hollow tube of licorice. Each piece is coated with one color candy shell. The colors they have been made in are green, pink, orange, and white. They are not hard, but rather soft due to the  due to the hollow. They are very different than licorice pastels. American Licorice has brought back the original Snaps!

Licorice Tablets

Looking for a sharp, tart tasting licorice tablet that was common in the 1950's usually in drugstore counters. We believe that it was billed as a cigarette substitute.

Licorice Tea

Typically mixtures of licorice root with other herbal tea constituents.

Licorice Tube Filled with a Cream Filling (Konfectstaven)

The product is made in Scandinavia is about a 3 or 4 inch licorice tube filled with a cream filling. There are four kinds of the same licorice: one filled with orange, another with strawberry, another with vanilla and the fourth one with lemon (Dropstaafjes met een limoenvulling)

Licorice Tubes

They are about 3 to 4 inches long with a tubular shape like a pencil. The ends were kind of pinched off with a slight indentation near both ends. The licorice was more on the hard side but not so hard you had difficulty chewing it as some licorices can be. It was a bit salty similar to Kookaburra licorice.

Licorice Vines made by American Licorice®

Assorted, Apple, Blueberry, Cherry, Grape, Red Vines, Black Vines.

Licorice Wheels

About 1 1/4 around and they are licorice ropes rolled up into a wheel type shape.

Licorice Whips

Licorice whips are a true classic American licorice made by Red Vines®.

Licorice Witches -- Zoete Heksendrop

Licorice witches (zoete heksendrop, zoete heksehyl) is a tube shaped licorice which is a  lightly sugared licorice tube filled with a salty salmiac creme.

Licorice with a Twist

Sweet twisted Licorice, Orange cover filled with orange taste, Licorice cover filled with mint taste, Licorice cover filled with strawberry taste, Licorice cover filled with caramel taste, Cola cover filled with lemon taste, Green cover filled with pink watermelon taste, Blue cover filled with blue billberry taste, Beige vanilla cover filled with sweet Licorice.


Licorice Medallions black Old fashioned licorice sold in a 12 oz. cello bags in attractive window box.

Menthol Licorice -- Mentholdrop

Licorice menthol has the fresh taste of menthol and also a low disinfecting effect. It works well on early stages of a sore throat. Including Lakerol Peppermint and Menthol.

Mixed Licorice -- Gemengde Drop

This is a mix of 20 assortment of Dutch licorice.


Dark Licorice centers are encased in a delicate, creamy, fondant-like candy.

Nibbs - Paskesz's

Small black nuggets of Licorice made by Paskesz. They are small packets of licorice pieces looks like as if they where cut from thick, round licorice rope.

Nibs (In Red or Black)

Small nuggets of Licorice made by Hershey's.  They are small packets of licorice pieces looks like as if they where cut from thick, round licorice rope.

Old Fashioned Cigars & Pipes

Licorice pipes or cigars with real flavor and texture. Y&S (now a Hershey Company) makes pipes. So does La Pipette and Hella but as far as we know Bassett has stopped making them. Black on the outside including sort of a brownish center.

Old Fashioned String Licorice

Great old-fashioned flavored Licorice.

Organic Licorice

Search for Licorice without artificial pesticides, fertilizers or genetically modified ingredients?

Pinwheel Hard Candy

Delicious licorice-flavored pin wheel hard candy mints. Starlights Mints, Licorice and Licorice Balls.

Red Licorice Bites

Small bite sized pieces of licorice.

Red Licorice Laces -- Gekleurde veters

Not the shiny red licorice laces that taste like those famous spiral red licorice sticks. Instead Old Fashioned tasting laces from our youth.

Red Licorice Twists & Twizzlers®

Twizzlers® Twisted ropes of licorice about 8 inches long. They are available in both red and black. Twizzlers® are made by Hershey's®

Red Vines Licorice

Original Red twists available in both red and black

RJ's Licorice

RJ's Licorice Soft eating Made with natural flavors

Running Rabbit Licorice

This licorice is the U.S.A with real licorice extract. It comes in Black Cherry Licorice, Black Licorice, Cappuccino Licorice, Chocolate Mint Licorice, Lemon Honey Licorice, and Raspberry Licorice.

Salt Licorice / Salt Liquorice

Salted, Double and Triple Salted Licorice.

Sen-Sen Licorice flavored Sen Sen Squares

They are square (about 1/4 inch across), black / dark gray candies that would either come in a small bag or sold by weight. Pungent anise-flavored breath-freshener candies.


Licorice keys are from Granny's time. Lightly saltened in the shape of an old-fashioned key, it's an original kind of licorice.

Smith Brothers Cough Drops

Since 1847! Choose cherry or black licorice. Also Lunden's and Black Seed Lozenge.

Soft Pillow'ish Licorice Candy

Not a hard licorice treat but a licorice candy that is softer. Please also see on this site

Sour Punch & Vines

Sour Punch will knock your socks off with their sour taste!. Including Licorice Straws.

Spearmint Licorice

Spearmint licorice similar to Twizzlers®


Delicious licorice-flavored pin wheel hard candy mints. Also called Licorice Starlights Mints

Strawberry Creme Filled Tubes

Red licorice tube filled with a Strawberry cream filling

Sugar Free Licorice / Diabetic

It's sugar free (including for diabetics but also has less calories for all you licorice lovers!

Sweet Licorice Mix -- Zoete Dropmix

This is a mix of a few sweet licorice shapes - honey beehives, licorice coins, kokindjes and licorice cats.

Switzer's Licorice

Now Back in St. Louis, Missouri, U.S.A,  making rectangle black licorice about six inches long and 1 1/2 inches wide. Available in the US at Old Country Stores, Schnuck Markets, Spartan, Wakefern, Pathmark and Giant Eagle stores. Old Switzer factory photo.

Texas Giant Jelly Bean

Regular jelly beans are available below as well as very large licorice jelly bean, about 2 long. They retailer below calls Texas Giant's Licorice Eggs when you search for them.

Tire Tread Licorice

Licorice pressed into the pattern of tire treads

Twizzlers® Licorice (Hershey's)®

Red or black twisted rope type Licorice made by Hershey's.

Wheat Flour Licorice Recipe

We would love to find a licorice candy recipe with wheat flour or some other constituents for better texture. We have this recipe under-development please contribute to our effort. The Licorice texture of the recipes in our recipe section.

White Licorice Popsicle

They taste like black licorice but come white in colour.

Y & S® Licorice Cigars, Pipes, etc.

Y&S Licorice Cigars and Pipes.


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