Dutch Licorice

Boerderijdrop (Salty Farm Animals)

Salty licorice in the shape of Farm Animals.


Briketten is a little less salty than the double salted licorice and with it's remarkable flavor it is  traditional specialty from Holland.

Candy Tree Licorice

Naturally flavored and sweetened and Candy Tree Licorice is wheat and gluten-free.

Chalk Licorice

This mild and chewy licorice surrounded by white sugar coating is imported from Holland and made by Lekkerland-son.

Darq Salt Licorice

Darq salt and darq sweet are new types of licorice from Venco®. Both types are hard with a full taste.

Darq Sweet Licorice

Darq sweet and darq salt are new types of licorice from Venco®. Both types are hard with a full taste.


Dropbriljantjes Licorice are a famous type of licorice from Venco


Bico's (dropkabels) are made out of sweet and soft black English licorice combined with red licorice laces. It's an old and efficacious kind of licorice made by Red Band®.


Droptoefjes are a famous type of licorice from Venco®. Droptoefjes Liquorice is a soft,  sweet licorice (zacht zoet).

Dropvisjes (Salty Fish)

Dropvisjes (Salty Fish)

Dubbelzoute Drop (Double Salt) or Dubbel Zoute Drop

Double Salted European Licorice.

Emmertje drop (Bucket of licorice)

Two buckets of original Dutch sweet and salt licorice. This is a great gift for a very special friend on a very special occasion. The brand name is van Vliet, the licorice is sweet, salty, and firm.

Finnska Licorice or Finnska Liquorice

From Holland these soft, chewy morsels of licorice come in original or as an organic licorice treat.

Griotten (Grointen)

Licorice cubes that are very soft and made of mild licorice. They taste quite sweet with anise or salammoniac flavor. They are brown or tan in color -- soft anise cubes.

Grote Schuinen

Large salty diamonds.

Gustaf's® Licorice

Gustaf's traditional Dutch licorice in assorted shapes and flavours.

Haring Drop

Very salty herring shaped Dutch licorice.

Harlekijntjes zachte zout

Soft and salty Dutch licorice.

Heksehyl Licorice

Strong Dutch licorice

Hollandse Drop

Assorted whimsical shapes. Licorice drops from firm to chewy. An excellent cross-section of Holland's various licorice tastes. Oud Hollandse drop - Klene's pithy old Dutch licorice offers you more than a century of tradition in taste and natural  ingredients. The pure quality of one of the best known Dutch licorice makers.

Honey Licorice

Honey licorice is licorice shaped like honey beehives

Katjes®-Kinder (Cats)

Katjes Licorice Cats (Katjes-Kinder)

Katzen-Pfotchen (Cat Paws)

Tangy, chewy Licorice Cat Katjes Katjes

Klene® Zout

 Grofgeld® Licht Zout (Light Salt)


Salty buttons.

Kokindjes (Licorice Drops)

Kokindjes (licorice drops) are soft sweet licorice buttons from Holland.


Hard and bitter. Also known as licorice laurel. Taste: pure licorice root. Pure Laurier Lovely is the right term to describe this Italian licorice because it tastes pure with a brilliant originality. (cut as Tronchetto). The brand name is Sirea. No sugar, salt and colors. It is also good for the mouth, throat and stomach.

Licorice Anise

Licorice anise is an old acquaintance in Dutch drug stores, The small tubes are well known for their exclusive anise taste. (medium firm and sweet).

Licorice Bear Paws -- Haribo Bären-Pranken

Soft little bear paw shaped licorice,

Licorice Drop Toffees

Liquorice Toffee. Please also see on this site

Licorice Pirates -- Haribo Piratos

Salty Licorice Pirate Medallions including Haribo®.

Licorice Pretzels -- Haribo Salz Brezeln

Salty Licorice Pretzels from Haribo® that are sShaped like a pretzel and coated in sugar for a both a salty and sweet taste.

Mentendrop or Zoete Munten (Salty Coins)

Sweet and chewy coins made by Red Band®, Klene®, and Venco® . Also known as Frisse Munten.

Mentos® Drop

Mentos Drop Licorice from Holland, Mentos has combined the fantastic flavor of Mint and Licorice in this roll.

Milottes Licorice

Milottes are a famous type of licorice from Venco®. Milottes Liquorice could be placed in both the sweet and soft licorice categories.

Old Timers® Autodrop

Oldtimers, Old-Timers - They come in both Sweet and Lightly Salted. Also known as The Real Sweet Pithy Sneakers (SZH), a very traditional kind of Dutch licorice from the province of Friesland. It has a history of over 50 years. The types include Hindelooper Ruitjes and Scheepsknopen Drops.

Venco® Voldrop

 Voldrop - Two kinds: 1) Soft and sweet or 2) Sweet and salty mixed.

Pottertjes Potter's Linea

One tiny Potter's Original is extremely concentrated. They refreshes your mouth in the summer and softens your throat in the winter.  Potter's are often used by singers and speakers. Also knows as Linia or Manesca Potter's Linea .

Ribbon Licorice

This licorice is made by Malaco of Sweden -- it is about 3.5 (9 cm) wide with ridges running lengthwise and each piece was about a foot long. The taste is very similar to the licorice tubes they continue to make.


Black licorice hexagon sticks from Holland.

Sallos Licorice Hard Candy

Villosa original licorice, a strong and spicy, with a herb flavour.

Salmiak Knotsen, Salmiakknotsen (Licorice Lollypops)

Strong and salty Licorice lollipops.

Salmiak Licorice (Salmiac, Salmiakjes)

Either Pastilles (Strong Salty Hard Little Diamonds), Riksen (Coins), or Rocks. Made by Fortuin®, Sip®, Katjes® and others including Haribo® Salino.

Salt Pastiller

A Danish salted licorice made by Leaf and Pingvin.

Salty Pickles

Salty and chewy, with a sugar coating.

Salzige Heringe (Salty Herring)

A soft licorice in the shape of a fish but it is strong and salty and made with real liquorice root juice.


Licorice flavored filling in a hard candy shell.


Dutch white licorice.

Soft Green Menthol Drops

Soft Green Menthol Drops.


A soft licorice coated in assorted fruit flavored candy by Haribo


Tablets that are a combination of licorice, caramel, menthol, wheat, and sugar.

Top-Drops Licorice

Top-drop is a famous type of licorice from Venco®, Red Band® and Klene®. Top-drop could be placed in both the salty and sweet licorice categories.


Trekdroppens are soft and sweet licorice with taste of anise.

Western-Hits Licorice

From Haribo® this Wild West assortment includes the shape of  horse-shoes, belts etc.

Winter Mix -- Wintermelange

Winter mixture is a delicious mix of soft fruit gums, fresh menthol, sweet licorice and cough lozenges.

Zaanse Drop

Soft and lightly salted.

Zachte Zoute

Soft and salty licorice diamonds. Also know as schuinzout, stevige zoute drop, zachte zoute.

Zoute Drop

Salt licorice roll.

Zoute Dropmix

Zoute Dropmix, Zout Dropmix Soft and lightly salted. This is a mix of a few salty licorice sharpes - rarm shaped, double salted, licorice diamonds, salmiac coins and licorice herrings all together in one bag.

Zoute Jujubes

Strong and salty. Easy Aces a gelatinous colored candy shaped into the shape of Hearts Diamonds Clubs and Spades in red yellow and black colors. They were made by Wonderbee or Wonderly in Phlidelphia, Pa. which was bought by Henry Heide or so we've been told. They are similar to Jujubes but have a different flavor


Very strong and salty licorice Holland. They are candy-coated black & white button-sized licorice.


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