Sweet Licorice

Darq Sweet Licorice

Darq sweet and darq salt are new types of licorice from Venco®. Both types are hard with a full taste.


Bico's (dropkabels) are made out of sweet and soft black English licorice combined with red licorice laces. It's an old and efficacious kind of licorice made by Red Band®.


"Droptoefjes are a famous type of licorice from Venco®. Droptoefjes Liquorice is a soft,  sweet licorice (zacht zoet)."

Emmertje drop (Bucket of licorice)

"Two buckets of original Dutch sweet and salt licorice. This is a great gift for a very special friend on a very special occasion. The brand name is van Vliet, the licorice is sweet, salty, and firm."

Griotten (Grointen)

Licorice cubes that are very soft and made of mild licorice. They taste quite sweet with anise or salammoniac flavor. They are brown or tan in color -- soft anise cubes.

Kokindjes (Licorice Drops)

Kokindjes (licorice drops) are soft sweet licorice buttons from Holland.

Licorice Anise

"Licorice anise is an old acquaintance in Dutch drug stores, The small tubes are well known for their exclusive anise taste. (medium firm and sweet)."

Licorice Pretzels -- Haribo Salz Brezeln

Salty Licorice Pretzels from Haribo® that are sShaped like a pretzel and coated in sugar for a both a salty and sweet taste.

Mentendrop or Zoete Munten (Salty Coins)

"Sweet and chewy coins made by Red Band®, Klene®, and Venco® . Also known as Frisse Munten."

Pond Box

Venco® Voldrop Two kinds:1) Soft and sweet  and 2) Sweet and salty mixed.

Winter Mix -- Wintermelange

"Winter mixture is a delicious mix of soft fruit gums, fresh menthol, sweet licorice and cough lozenges."

Bico's Hard Licorice

Bico's are hard black licorice sticks wrapped with red sweet licorice laces.  Typically Haribo's Bico's.

Gott o Blandat

Mix of Swedish sweet licorice and other delicious candy.

Haribo® Bico's

Haribo Bico's are licorice sticks and wounded with sweet red licorice. They are hard and sweet.

Salt o Blandat

Mixture of Swedish sweet and salt licorice.

Sweet Licorice

Instead of a salty licorice this has a sweeter taste.

Trollendrop (Troll sticks)

The salmiac Troll sticks are stuffed with a sweet licorice paste. It's a typical Danish favorite. Dangerously delicious.

ZAN Licorice

"Beginning in 1862 ZAN made liquorice sweets in the South of France. Ricqles was founded in 1938, and specialised in the production of peppermint, menthol extracts, etc. In 1970, Ricqles merged with the ZAN liquorice works to form Ricqles Zan. 1985, HARIBO also acquired the shares of Ricqles Zan. At the end of 1987 this company was then merged with HARIBO France to create HARIBO Ricqles Zan, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the HARIBO Group. the brand name Zan was retained because of its great popularity and high brand awareness level in France. Information source:"

Filled Raspberry Sours

"Try this expolsion of ripe raspberry taste, followed by the taste of a creamy filling sweet yet sour."

Good & Plenty®

"Delicate licorice stubs coated in sweet candy of pastel colors! Made by Goelitz® or Good & Plenty®. Also a Dutch version which are coloured licorice that has a sweet shell around a licorice stick inside. They're small but exquisite with a character full of mischief!"

Green, Mint Flavored Licorice. Groentjes

"Classic Black Licorice surrounds a sweet, minty confection."

Honey Tops

"Taste the Honey in these firm, melt-in-your-mouth sweet licorice candies with a touch of salt to enhance taste. Beehive Honey Licorice and Honey Licorice Bears (14% honey) at Licorice

Licorice Drops

"Here is Holland's most popular Licorice, with deep, rich flavor, not overly sweet."

Licorice Hats & Mexican Hats

"Soft, chewy and sweet, with a hint of salt to enhance flavor. Hats off to one of Holland's most popular Licorices."

Licorice Powder - Zwart Wit Zout & Zwart Wit Zoet

These are types of licorice powder. Also known as salmiakpalen and salmiak poeder. For example Zwart Wit Zout is salty licorice powder and Zwart Wit Zoet is sweet licorice powder. As avalvilable below Zwart Wit Rondos & Zwart Wit Kogels

Licorice with a Twist

"Sweet twisted Licorice, Orange cover filled with orange taste, Licorice cover filled with mint taste, Licorice cover filled with strawberry taste, Licorice cover filled with caramel taste, Cola cover filled with lemon taste, Green cover filled with pink watermelon taste, Blue cover filled with blue billberry taste, Beige vanilla cover filled with sweet Licorice."

Sweet Licorice Mix -- Zoete Dropmix

"This is a mix of a few sweet licorice shapes - honey beehives, licorice coins, kokindjes and licorice


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